My Day Jobs

These are all my day jobs.  Like Mercury, the fleet footed messenger to the Greek gods. I love to be found swooping, connecting and kickstarting all the ideas below.  Simply to show the world that I decided I will be the change I want to see. 

1. Lone Mother to a 13 year old daughter.  Thankfully been surviving alone for decades now and learnt to so much.  Good news is it means I am pretty savvy now (as opposed to being knock -need and naive like I once was). 

2. Founder of Lovedesh - a philanthropic organisation that changes the way the world sees and experiences 'Third World' nations and those regions in conflict. Through food, design and travel products. 

3. Chair, Amcariza Foundation - British charity run entirely by us volunteers introducing an alternative to micro-finance - FFABB (Find And Fund A Body/Business) - seed grants where the circle of giving dishes out grants that kickstart sustainable careers. Without interest and in keeping it dignified, empowering - for both the beneficiary and the donor. 

4. MsYiY podcast.  More info is at
The concept is - where I tweet/blog/podcast/YouTube my musings.  I happily share, pontificate, debate the challenges and experiences as a mother, a woman, who is inspired by Islam, is a born and bred Londoner. with Bangaldesh heritage. And is a social entrepreneur. 

5. Founder of Safara Concierge - an inter-faith boutique club open to all who wish to be closer to or are inspired by Islam. Offering insights, experiences and travel. Due to launch in 2015 - the profits help fund Lovedesh and Amcariza. 

6. Interim Executive Assistant to CEO's and VPs - often do ad-hoc slots to help fund my dreams above and to learn from the top captains of industry.  My Linked In profile is here

7. Volunteer Estate Director in Bangladesh - in 2012 I found my entire late father's estate in Bangladesh mismanaged. It had been designed to support philanthropy projects.  Neglected, running wild and then - I also spotted fraud. I instantly sacked the entire staff and realised that nobody else in my family would help. So I stepped in to volunteer. And by working on the estate both in the City and in the remote village, I mentor and train impoverished and unemployed men and women in remote villages from my base in SW London.  

None of the estate is in my name. Nor do I profit or take any salary.  Nor derive any benefit. I do use it to run trials for Amcariza Foundation. 

I also loathe greedy, evil and nasty people and brands/companies.  Which is why you can merrily expect to find me either on this website or via the podcast, standing up to them. 

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