I am Yasmin Choudhury, a British woman. 

I am a survivor. 

And I want to help more people survive. 

Because surviving is not living.  

I also tweet a lot; talk too much and am a single mother of a young teenage daughter. Like many of you today, I worry over the rising intolerance and hatred that is dividing societies and nations across the world.

For the past three years I have emerged from having battled bouts of abuse, poverty and homelessness as a single mother in order to return to spearheading the funding and launch of Lovedesh, a new British luxury start up brand – with a heart. Created to give jobs to the disadvantaged in the UK and to showcase exquisite food, travel and design from global artisans in the developing world. 

I am a passionate advocate for women’s rights and poverty alleviation, I was born and bred in London and my early childhood spent in racist suburban town of SW London in the 1970s.  Until the age of six, I lived above a curry house; I lived with my parents until I was aged 30 and was hugely influenced by my strict orthodox feminist Muslim father, an immigrant who forced me to take trips to his heritage nation of Bangladesh. 

I began to slowly resurrect my father's legacy by visiting Bangladesh and learning to understand feminism, Islam and the hardships faced by many disadvantaged communities in UK & abroad. I also learnt to escape the strict community I was born into.

In 2016, I was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Muslim Awards for my efforts as a lone female social entrepreneur and her solo grassroots research and mentoring of disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.  Nice to know all those blood sweat and tears got noticed.

In the past I have written in the British media title Independent; and am very outspoken on these issues:

- Mental Health & StartUps
- Gender inequality
- Islam and the rights of Muslim women.
- Global development
- Poverty
- StartUps

For my work on Lovedesh, I was awarded winner of the Fringe World Travel Market 2014 and have been interviewed by BBC, Conde Naste Traveller, Deutche Welle Radio. 

I have been named twice in the British Bangladesh Power & Inspiration list. And addressed many industry sectors in my role as a speaker; in 2016 I was the keynote speaker for PATA (Pan Asian Tourism Association) and TTG's Tomorrow's Travel Leader's Today. 

Following my advocacy and support for developing nations and marginalised women in UK & Bangladesh, in 2015 I was invited to join Register Our Marriage Working Group by founder Aina Khan as an advisor, to assist on the campaign’s strategic communications to reform the British Marriage Act. 

As founder of British luxury start up brand Lovedesh, I began a life that was no longer 9 to 5. Once I began to challenge the status quo I soon found I met angels and demons and heroes and disingenuous - all of which I talk about in my Podcast via my altar ego MissYiY (Miss Yasmin Is Yasmin) 

I also run a small niche charity Amcariza Foundation all in memory of my beloved Bangladeshi father and undertake much grassroots work in cities and rural villages of Bangladesh, helping to find solutions for many who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own And attached to organisations such as Founders For Schools & Inspiring The Future  - through whom I address speeches to young students on business and careers.

I am a Fellow of The Royal Society Of Arts.  And part of their International Development Network. 

I graduated from University Of Westminster with a BA Hons in Business Studies. After which I spent 10 years as a communications professional handling PR and Media Relations for top FTSE companies such as Barclays and the global PR consultancy firm Shandwick Communications and others. Once I had given birth to my daughter, I even went and trained as a professional actress – to fulfil my dream to be a creative – a chance I never got, growing up.