About MsYiY

#MsYiY ->  'Ms Yasmin Is Yasmin' 

This blog is my diary/memoirs as a social entrepreneur.  

I grew up in a strict, eccentric first generation immigrant family now gone wrong - for which I am grateful for.   now speak out against all the bad cultural rites after having grown up in a backward British Bangladeshi family that does not respect or honour women. 

I write all my own blog posts and in midst of producing the MYiY podcast.  Which captures my personal and business life and the sheer challenges of being a start up entrepreneur. And of fulfilling my late father's legacy and philanthropic wish. 

My starts ups are British philanthropic brand Lovedesh and the charity I set up called Amcariza (inspired by my late father). Coming soon also is Safara (a travel brand for those inspired by Islam).  I also single handedly find myself left running my late father's estate in his native Bangladesh and more.  Which has caused much headache and heartache but also much joy and education for me in understanding the developing world. 

On this website, I share the many personal and professional challenges and the many lives that connect me via each of 'My Day Jobs'.   

Today, I am also proud to state I am inspired the spiritual side of Islam - having spent decades being challenged, puzzled, angry and baffled by it.  In my blogposts and my podcast I will attempt to explain why it fascinates me so much.  

I hope I can prevent people going through what I go through.  It is why it is important for  me to share the bad stuff. After all that is what diaries do.  Somehow I keep ending up into very sad and serious scrapes. Ones where people and companies cause me deep emotional and financial distress due to greedy, immoral and unethical conduct.   I have learnt to fend and to survive. And to turn it around.  And now I share it.  To help those too weak and vulnerable to do it alone.  After all when it rains, why not seek to build a rainbow?  
But I promise - I won't always talk about serious issues.  I will be sharing my passion for cooking, fashion, beauty and travel.  And of the many twitter spats /chats I often get embroiled in that either make me upset, happy or enlightened ;) Hence all the icons on my banner!  

To see where else I can be heard, visit my speaker profile page here. And look out for the MYiY podcast here.  And the YouTube channel. 

To get in touch, find me on twitter as @yasminisyasmin.

MsYiY concept is my personal blog and not the views of Lovedesh® or of Amcariza Foundation™. 

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