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Ramadan Letters - To Help Cope With Loss & Betrayal

On the first day of Ramadan, I fasted. Just before I broke my fast, I began my period.

During these past few days, while eating as per usual, I observed, thought over life stuff.

I reminisced and was reminded of much of the hurt and awful things that are and were happening.

I wanted to find a better way to cope. A positive way forward.

Ramadan Letters

Ta-dah.  During Ramadan 2017.  I am going to try to start writing what I call are Ramadan Letters.
Every day if I can.


I will kick start it on the seventh day of fasting for Muslims across the day. Besides, 7 is a lucky number in Islam.

I will write each day from tomorrow (2 June 2017) a letter on my blog to share words to someone based on themes of FALC:

Forgiveness - me forgiving them
Love- me celebrating their love
Atonement - me seeking forgiveness
Compassion - me finding compassion

Surely these are the best qualities in a human yet the hardest to demonstrate? 
I would welcome your thoughts.  And participation. If you wish me to pub…