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Raise awareness of Muslim Women's Rights & Roles In Islam - Now.

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“When I am not working on Lovedesh the social enterprise, or Amcariza Foundation which I set up to help folks in developing world, I am also passionate about supporting abused and underprivileged Muslim women.  

"I am a British woman. Of Bangladeshi heritage.  Help me stop abuse, financial control? Instead let us all work to get Muslim women financially independent.   

"The closed community I grew up in within UK and later visited in Bangladesh, kept me ignorant of all the good stuff Holy Qu'ran and Islam does for women. Like the way a woman can earn, create and then have her private wealth protected.  I had no idea. 

Why this Muslim is sighing over 'World Hijab Day'

Today is World Hijab Day (WHD).  Sigh.  

And I whole-heartedly and unreservedly disagree with the idea, the concept, its message and strategy.  

Like the WJD founder I am Muslim.  I too am of Bangladeshi heritage.  That is where the difference ends.  But I am British. Was born in London.  And I have never worn hijab unless the occasion merits it. 

Many of the women in my British community and especially women in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh do. Yet growing up I recall how hardly anyone covered their hair.  I find it interesting.  Because I am not sure the reason is in always about empowerment. 

Today, in 2015 nearly all the Muslim women in my community both in UK and Bangladesh wear the hijab with a black overcoat or the niqab.  And it is starting to really worry me. Sigh. Not the wearing of course - which I utterly support.  It is the why, the how, the when and the who. And how by wearing it - perhaps other more important, insidious issues within our world are hidden and disguised. Ob…