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Hey World. Where are the Muslim Feminists?

I love Islam.  Sadly its community  - 'Ummah'  - is a double edged coin for many Muslim women like me. 
I find some British Muslim men utterly clueless.  Or are guilty of acting careless when they try to speak for all us UK Muslims. It is dangerous. And a repeated gesture that soon becomes a consensus.  Non-Muslims start to think they represent all of us.  When in fact - Muslims have no formal, elected representative. Yes - that includes the Muslim Council of Britain - male led for Muslim men - by Muslim men - all about Muslim men. 

My Stance On Eric Pickles' Letter To British Muslims

I blame selfish, insular unIslamic attitudes.  Indeed many Muslim voices, men and women today are doing what they can to actively shut up debate and opportunity for reforming Muslim communities across the UK. Which so does need reform at grassroots. 
Let me be clear. I am not talking about reforming Islam - I am talking about the corrupt, dogmatic weak and indoctrinated elements of British Muslim communities - whose tribal practices and indoctrination I believe need to be exposed and shamed as being Unislamic. 
There is something so innately destructive and defensive in reading Muslim men decrying any chance for debate. They as well as I -  all know privately elements of our community is rotten to the core. Often it is called  "Tribal Islam".  Where Islam and culture and tribal unIslamic ways are fused into rhetoric then played out by generation after generation - behind the doors of many British Muslims households.  Tis a feral beast - one where indoctrination,  logic, ration…

2015? Kerching! And oh yes. Screw you ;)

Happy New Year to all my connections. From my old to the new connections. Who showed me love, support, mentored me and told me never to give up. For all the bad times? Am also grateful. Here is a glass to those few businessmen who were awful, horrible, sexist pigs. Who refused to listen or empathise - so hysterical were you to pursue the path of money, money, money.

My Muslim Xmas

Originally published in Linked In - I forgot to add it here.  Duh.

A post I wrote about my British Muslim Xmas in December 2014.

Read it here on Pulse - for LinkedIn. Or if you prefer.  See below.

Season's greetings. I wanted to share one of my secrets. Today I am proud to be a Muslim (something I always struggled with having spent so much time as a lapsed member). But come this time of year, I am immediately giddy with excitement. I love Xmas. So there.