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Bad Bad Bad Admin

Some advice for people who run Linked In Groups - be nice; you never know you might be offending sincere professionals who can add value to your business and brand - if not now well in the future.

I attempted to join a Linked In Group to find an admin bod but the Founder & President of The Effective Admin (TEA) and of the Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP) declined me as she thinks I am not suitable for one of many reasons.  Goodness me - sign of poor admin in itself here.  Cringe.... (!!)

Do not think this founder and 'President" (can you have titles that grand as a solo entity...?) realises that I do work as a ad-hoc Exec assistant. And also occasionally do hire admin for my businesses.

Even though she did not read my bio thoroughly, I can forgive her - as long as she goes away and does some admin training! :)

Titles mean nothing if you are not good at the job you are meant to be an expert on.  Nor of welcoming people into your 'tribe'…