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A Solution to Bangladesh sweatshops?

I urge every CEO and their buyers at every top brand to please stop issuing statement saying they are concerned,. Instead start effecting change.  I have an idea for you all.

Get out there.  Visit Bangladesh.  As a group, go and sort Bangladesh's problems once and for all.   And visit the victims.  It is the least you can do perhaps?

Middle East Workers on a plane

Whenever I fly Emirates from London to Bangladesh, it makes for a fascinating experience.

London to Dubai leg is filled with Brits and foreign travellers surging to meet the sun they have saved up for, to enjoy and frolic in.  Dressed in sweatpants and leisure wear.  Material of choice is linen, cotton, t shirts.  Even the kids are quiet because airlines have figured out that by putting the headsets on seats, means instant plug and play.  All is serene, dreadfully quiet and with headphones on, the ambience is neutral.  At worst, bland.    Nothing shocking happens. The most is when someone gets uppity as they did on my flight the other day stating they refused their piece of luggage to be stored and shared with me in the over overhead cabin space. Reason? Their laptop might get crushed (?).